Hello world!

This WAS my journal chronicling my journey with a pituitary tumor. Unfortunately, hackers destroyed the entire CDN Today Network of sites and this site did not have a backup. It will be deleted later.



Welcome to the CDN Today Network social media & blogging community. This blog is a new member of the community.

s All sites created on the CDN Today Network must be non-commercial, family-friendly and meet our Terms of Service agreement (http://cdntoday.com/tos). If you discover that this site does NOT meet those terms, please report it on the main CDN Today site at http://cdntoday.com/contact/

As a social media community, CDN Today offers many of the same functions as Facebook ™ (However, we are NOT affiliated with Facebook in any way). You can find/make “Friends”; establish “Groups” and “Forums”; and share comments/updates with users over the entire community with a single log-in.

On CDN Today, your activity updates will never be filled with notes about how many eggs someone’s imaginary “Farmville” chickens laid yesterday (BIG SMILE)! Some of our sites may offer games or other amusements but such automatic output will not be allowed onto the community’s timelines.

As a blogging community, we provide blog hosting & support to qualified users. To determine if you qualify, just register at CDN Today (http://cdntoday.com/register/) and then follow the instructions in the email that you will receive in email.

Although some of our blogs may support a particular church, group or denomination, CDN Today is not affiliated with any single denomination. Instead, we welcome anyone who honors Christ as the Savior and the Bible as the Word of God.

As a result of our non-denominational standing, you may find a wide diversity of Christian beliefs on the various sites hosted here. We believe that this is a GOOD thing. It is from such openness that all of us grow and become more mature.

However, if you prefer a single “flavor” of Christianity, then just look around. You will likely find a site here that suits you well.

This is an introductory post which was published automatically when the site was created. The blog owner may edit or delete this post at any time. They will certainly add new content and start blogging! Come back soon to see what is in store on this site & the entire CDN Today Network!!

Ray Waldo,
Founder & Owner of CDN Today